toisin sanoen

in other words


This service is used mostly by scholars and scientists who have written articles, papers or books in English and need to have their writing revised so that it meets the high standards required for publication in international scholarly journals.

Editing is not the same thing as proofreading and it is not simply a matter of correcting grammatical or spelling errors. The aim is to ensure that the text is clear, fluent and in an appropriate style. This may well require changes in vocabulary, phrasing, verb tenses and even the order in which information is presented in sentences and paragraphs, and it generally calls for close co-operation with the client.

My experience in text editing has not been confined to academic texts: I have also edited website content and helped clients improve the English of their CVs.

For pricing, I calculate the amount of text in terms of pages, where a page is defined as consisting of 1560 characters. My normative rate is 30€ per page (+24% value-added tax). It is never higher, but it may be lower, depending on how much work the text is likely to require. Asking for an offer is always a good idea.

Call or send me an email outlining your requirements. I look forward to hearing from you.