toisin sanoen

in other words


Most of my work involves translating from Finnish to English and the types of texts I deal with are very varied. The texts I am asked to translate into Finnish generally consist of public or legal documents such as certificates, contracts, and wills, but I am happy to undertake other kinds of material and you can be sure that the result will be accurate, polished and appropriate.

Authorised translations

In dealing with authorities whose language is not that of one’s documents, or applying for a job or place of study abroad, one usually requires authorised translations of one’s documents. Such authorised translations maintain the legal force of the original documents and must be made by an authorised translator, i.e., an expert who has the right to carry out authorised translations of public documents, as defined in the Act on Authorised Translations, (1231/2007) and the Government Decree on Authorised Translators (1232/2007). Since receiving my authorised translator’s licence in 1987, I have made and certified several thousand authorised translations.


In pricing a translation, I calculate the amount of text in terms of pages, where a page is defined as consisting of 1560 characters. My normative rate is 60€ per page (+24% value-added tax), with a 25-% discount for students. Certification of an authorised translation with an official stamp and signature costs an additional 15€ per document (+24% VAT).

Call or send me an email outlining your requirements. I look forward to hearing from you.